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Who is Forrest Cooper?
Forrest Cooper is the owner and operator of Cyber-Sound Entertainment. Since he was born, Forrest has been surrounded by the Arts and Music. From a long line of artists in his family, Forrest was destined to create and express. Music has had such an impact on his life that it was only natural for him to entertain. Throughout his younger years, he spent a majority of his time with headphones on, listening to everything from Van Morison, A Taste of Honey, and Steve Miller, to The Beastie Boys, Sugar-Hill Gang, and Bon Jovi. He tried not to limit himself to a certain kind of music.
As he got older, he found his artistic focus was dominating every part of his life. He decided to attend Northwest College of Art, and graduated with a Bachelor's of fine Art degree, he also received awards for outstanding performance during that time. While attending school, he realized Sculpture and installation work, were the vehicles best used for his expression. Installation utilized sculpture, sound, and environment, to let the viewer experience the piece. After numerous shows around Washington (including "Confusion" in 2003), Forrest realized his passion was in need of a larger audience, and musical expression would reach out further than galleries. After setting up a recording studio, he decided to get further education in recording and sound engineering. He attended the Evergreen State College on a full scholarship in 2004/2005. The main area of study during that time was Recording Engineering and Music Technology.
Currently Forrest is working on an album and stage performance.
Although Forrest seems to have a few different directions, keep in mind they are all related to one key interest: the art of expression and music. Cyber-Sound Entertainment has served as a business that keeps him involved in music and art constantly. He continuously strives to build the best DJ service in Washington, to help others enjoy the Art of Music and fulfill their own visions of a beautiful / fun event.

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