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Cyber-Sound Entertainment's music library is second to none. With over 4000 songs delivered to your event, Cyber-Sound is bound to please. Having accounts with major DJ CD distribution companies, Cyber-Sound's music is updated 2 times a month with the top songs currently on the major radio stations. Everything from Pop, Rock, Adult Contemporary, to Rap, Country, and Electronica. Keep in mind, not all of these kinds of music will be played at your event unless you request it. Cyber-Sound makes sure the music is appropriate for the event and all of the music is radio edited so there is no worries of the song containing fowl language. If you're listening to the song on the radio right now, chances are Cyber-Sound can deliver! Besides, keeping up with the current trends, Cyber-Sound also has an amazing collection of classics, ranging from 50's and 60's oldies to 70's and 80's classic/hard rock. During your dinner reception you will probably want to hear older jazz such as Nat King Cole or Billy Holiday. This is what Cyber-Sound does better than any other DJ; Music Selection. You will be comfortable in knowing the music will be great and compliment your event perfectly. If you want to hear a special song, but don't know which one, don't worry, Cyber-Sound brings complete song books to help you decide.

"Most of the music in my library has been collected over the years not only because of requests and necessity for events, but also for my love of music." Forrest Cooper

Some people might think 4000 songs isn't a lot compared to some DJ's and their 20,000 MP3s, but Cyber-Sound's music is all on CD with a quality far superior to MP3s. What many don't understand is that an MP3 file is a highly compressed version of a CD file. This compression allows a DJ to store thousands of songs on a computer or i-pod at a much lower sound quality. MP3 files are compressed 10-12 times creating an audio file at a fraction of the original size. This also creates a song with a lower sound quality. Now back to the 4000 songs. That is over an estimated 266 hours of music!!! With a library like that we guarantee to have 4 hours of music to please you.

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