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"Quality and Service are my #1 priority. When the client hires Cyber-Sound, they're not just hiring a quality service they are hiring a personality."

Forrest Cooper-Owner

Service Benefits
Cyber-Sound Entertainment has been providing a high quality professional service to Western Washington for over 12 years with many satisfied clients. Owned and operated by Forrest Cooper (age 28), Cyber-Sound has moved forward in the musical entertainment field by not only providing a quality service at an affordable price, but also by including the dedication and talent of a trained artist/perfectionist with the fun and excitement only a true music lover can provide.

"it is my goal to provide the best possible musical entertainment with a fun and professional atmosphere."

Why hire a backyard hobby dj when there is a true full-time professional available to you? Cyber-Sound is not only one of the best DJ service in Kitsap and Mason counties, but is also an up and coming leader in the Western Washington region.
Forrest has utilized his talents as a artist and entertainer to provide a service that is unsurpassed in quality and artistic flare. With Years of experience, Forrest has experienced it all, from dances, to parties, reunions to anniversaries, to the pride of Cyber-Sound: Wedding receptions and ceremonies. The formal event is by far the shining moment for this business. How many DJs do you know can captivate an audience ranging in age from 8-80? Better yet, how many DJs do you know can get them all on the dance floor at one time? Cyber-Sound Can and Has!!!! How would you like to look around your reception hall 3 hours in and see everyone in the room dancing? It can happen. Hire Cyber-Sound Entertainment and the possibility of this occurring is greater than ever.

Service Benefits
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