Here at Cyber-Sound, we focus not only on the sound produced by our equipment, but also on the quality of the presentation and atmosphere of the event. After operating numerous setups over the years, Forrest has used his experience and passion for the visual/audible arts, to create custom sound and light systems that are worthy of formal events and exciting enough for any fun party! It is simply unacceptable to have a DJ show up for your formal event with low grade un maintained equipment, the need for outside equipment (such as tables), and the visual display of promotional materials (such as banners). After all, your wedding or party is a formal event, not a wedding expo. Cyber-Sound assures you the comfort in knowing we hold pride in our work and focus on providing high-end, well-maintained, equipment that is custom tailored for your event by a professional artist who is very meticulous about detail and quality.

More information on each setup and Forrest's theories behind the designs can be found by using the links to the right of this page.

Platinum Setup
Ceremony Setup
Party Setup
Mega Party Setup
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